Transform Your Wealth with the Quantum 11 Membership


If you are concerned about your financial security in an environment of unprecedented money printing, high unemployment and economic uncertainty then keep reading. 

Yes! I want to transform my wealth!

This Membership is for YOU because...

  1. You understand that saving money during a time of money printing is the worst thing you can do with your money.
  2. You understand that the traditional ways of managing personal finance are shifting to include digital currencies.
  3. You have a STRONG desire for freedom & sovereignty for the future of you and your family.
  4. You are willing to unlearn what you were taught about finances and open up to the new way managing wealth will be done in the future.
  5. You hold yourself to the highest standards of integrity & accountability.

Shift 1: Free Yourself


Why are you saving money when they're printing money?

By leaving your money in a savings account, you are losing your purchasing power! The dollar you had last year cannot buy the same amount of goods as the dollar you have today! That's how important this is.

Shift 2: Grow Your Net Wealth


You need to know where you are today if you want to know where you are going tomorrow!

People who know their financial snapshot can actually begin to move towards their financial freedom because they know their starting point!

Shift 3: The Secret Weapon: The Safe Haven Asset System


401k/RRSPs, mutual funds with high fees don't work anymore.

More than a quarter of all dollars were printed in the last year!! A quarter of all dollars of all time. This old method in this new world is not going to work anymore bc your money is losing value!!

My client 5x’d his net wealth in less than a year.
My client worked a corporate job for almost 20 years with money invested in stocks, 401k and savings with poor returns. He had about $50,000 saved up in retirement. In March 2020, during the stock market correction, his portfolio crashed about 20%.

What did we do? We moved his retirement savings into precious metals for wealth preservation. We then cut the losses in the stocks and used part of his savings that only earns 1% per year and safely moved it into crypto. My client was able to recover the stock losses, and even more. He 5x’d his portfolio in less than a year.

Yes! I want to grow and protect my wealth!

Shift 4: Secure Your Environment


Supply chain shortages, continued restrictions and lockdowns and the removal of basic human rights require that you secure your access to food, water, energy, security & build strong local communities.

As access to good food is becoming harder and more expensive. You will need to diversify your food sources for your survival.

Wealth includes other real assets like your access to clean water, having your own garden, security to safeguard your assets and constant flowing energy in the event things go off the grid.

I have a client who loves her organic veggies but it is very expensive· She was able to diversify her asset portfolio to include hard assets like a garden and an inventory of heirloom seeds to reduce food costs by generating a significant yield (return) from creating her own food source.

Shift 5: Invest in Mentorship


Ask yourself:

1) Am I confident in the safety of my finances?
2) Do I know my net worth?
3) Am I working for my money or is my money working for me?

Protecting and growing your wealth will require a new way of doing things that you would not have been aware of.

Average returns on mutual funds are 14%. A savings account pays 1%. If you can earn a return on your assets of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, you're way ahead of most large brokers.

Trying to get those returns without proper financial guidance and plan in place is extremely high risk. I've personally invested over $60,000 to upgrade my financial training in the last 2 years to generate my 5x returns.

Every time, it was a BIG decision.

Now, this investment pays for itself in 3 months. Don't go at it alone. Find the BEST financial planner out there and spend what it takes to work with them.

I'm Ready to Invest in Myself! Let's Go!!

Your Frequency is Your Currency

Fundamentals for Growth

Wealth Strategies

Basic - Financial Mindset


Top features

  • The 7 costly mistakes that will make you lose money
  • Your financial scorecard
  • The truth about the financial systems and why saving money is a losing strategy.
  • The financial mindset required to manage your finances during the global reset.
  • The top 10 financial strategies that set your portfolio up for success.
  • Investing in safe haven assets with free training on how to buy cryptocurrency and precious metals.
  • Bonus: Wealth advice for special situations which include 1) Coping with unemployment and 2) Considering a new career path

Premium - Financial Foundations


Top Features

  • Access to the basic membership 
  • Membership discounts to private coaching 
  • Annual review of your finances 
  • Personal finance tools and resources
  • Business finance tools and resources
  • Live Q&A

Mastermind - Financial Freedom


Top features

  • Access to basic and premium membership which includes finance for individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Crypto and stock picks
  • Quarterly 1:1 finance review of your portfolio 
  • Free monthly workshops
  • Investment research
  • Training on the upcoming opportunities in NFTs, blockchain and other crypto related investments
  • Updates on the impact of the global currency reset and the digital future on your finances
  • Passive income strategies
  • Real estate analysis for opportunities you want to invest in
  • Precious metals allocation
  • Technical trading education and tools
  • Strategic investment strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning