I want to help you not only grow your wealth but do so in a way that is aligned to your purpose for maximum success.

I am a finance professional with 20+ years of experience. I was born and raised in Canada but recently moved to to Costa Rica to live the life of my dreams, running my business and raising my family in paradise!! I combined the powerful energy of money with my human design, my technical finance experience and passion for freedom to build a financial plan that could help me expand in all areas of my life.

I know that true wealth is more than just financial. It's about aligning your energy and design with your goals and purpose. That's why I offer customized financial roadmaps that take into account your unique energy and design, helping you create the life you truly desire.

With my expertise, I can help you remove any energetic blocks that might be hindering your financial success. I can help you understand your unique strengths and challenges, allowing you to make better financial decisions that are aligned with your true nature.

But that's just the beginning. Using my strategic asset allocation methods and my passion for beating the banks, I can help you create a diversified portfolio that not only protects your wealth but also grows it over time.

Whether you're interested in stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, precious metals, or business, I have the expertise to design a financial plan that supports your lifestyle and dreams.

Don't settle for a financial planner who only cares about your money. Choose a partner who cares about your freedom and life's purpose as well.

Let's protect and grow your wealth, designed in a way that is in alignment with your purpose, and create the life you truly desire.

Welcome to Quantum 11.


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Yes! Let's Work Together!!!

Client Testimonial: Jana Mitsoula


We are so grateful to have found Audrey and Quantum 11. After the sale of our home we felt lost and needed help for a two year plan. Audrey graciously took the time to listen to our needs and questions. She helped put our financial picture in detailed perspective while encompassing the personal needs for our family. She gave us the empowerment to make clear and confident choices moving forward. Audrey is not only investment savvy she is most importantly in tune with the current world and people.

Quantum 11 will continue to be our guide in our financial future.