The last three years have reshaped our perspectives, pushing us into uncharted waters.

Now is the time to channel this transformative energy into your true calling.

Join Kristen Nagle and Audrey Santo Domingo from February 17th-24th, 2024, in the enchanting jungles and beaches of Nosara, Costa Rica, for Rebirth. 

This journey is an invitation to say goodbye to all that no longer serves you, remember your soul's purpose and rebirth into YOUR divine calling amongst the support of sisters.

Your Journey of Rebirth Begins in Costa Rica

In the mystical land of Nosara, Costa Rica, within the renowned blue zone of Guanacaste, where people live longer and healthier lives, is where Rebirth will be hosted. The energy of this land will amplify your transformative experience.

The very frequencies of the earth here are charged with ancient energies, inviting you to remember, rediscover and undergo a profound rebirth.

Our chosen sanctuary, Tierra Encantada, is not just a venue but an integral part of this journey. Nestled in Nosara, it's a place where the continuum of time seems to pause, letting you delve deeply into the present. Tierra Encantada is surrounded by the sounds of birds and trees. Its integrated spa, infinity pool and open Yoga Shala are  designed to honor and appreciate the surrounding nature. At night, the tepee is a place to gather under la luna (the moon) and las estrellas (the stars).

Glimpse Into Your 7 days of Transformation

Each day will unfold with Jess's dynamic movement, igniting your spirit for the introspective journey ahead.

Laura's cacao ceremony and Elisa's grounding guidance will help you set your intentions for the week ahead.

Along this journey, Corrie will illuminate paths beyond self-sabotage, Laura will facilitate healing and connection in our women's circles, and Kristen will cradle our rebirth, with wisdom and care as we rise up into the elevated versions of ourselves.

Audrey will unlock new realms of prosperity, while Elisa's strategies will ensure your growth takes root.

Like the butterfly, we emerge, as a vibrant testament to nature's cycle of renewal and rebirth.  While your new wings may be delicate at first, you will navigate the breeze with newfound grace, embodying the spirit of change and the endless possibilities that come with it.

Alongside this transformation, you will also enjoy spa treatments, nature excursions, and shared farm-to-table meals in stunning, picturesque locations. 

We will strengthen new bonds of community, creating lasting relationships that can deepen beyond the 7 days. 

So, are you ready to be part of this sisterhood? Let's meet the faces behind the names. 

Rebirth is an experience crafted by women living out their soul's mission!

Kristen Nagle

Former nurse carving a new path in motherhood, through homeschooling and holistic health, Kristen now champions women's return back to traditional birth, guiding mothers through the empowering journey back to a conscious and connected birthing experience.

Audrey Santo Domingo

Transitioning from corporate finance to wealth coaching, Audrey provides prosperity tools and best practices for New Earth creators to reclaim their birthright to financial prosperity.

Dr. Laura Foster

A chiropractor turned yogi and life coach, on a mission to build deep and authentic connections amongst women who are empowered to create from their soul's purpose.

Elisa Kurylowicz 

A freestyle skiing world champion turned mentor and high performance coach who empowers people to evolve through Inituitive Awareness.

Jessica Rodríguez

Through movement, Jessica helps women evoke their inner goddess through the primal elegance of animal flow and sensuality of bachata~soul.

Corrie Bignell

A former registered nurse, now a beacon of light for people to overcome self-sabotage and journey into a life of self awareness, self care and purpose driven growth.


Nice to meet you, sister!

In our secluded haven, embraced by the natural world, you'll find two distinct shared accommodations: 

the serene casitas and the enchanting glamping tents


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our forest-sheltered casitas, where comfort meets nature. Each cabin is thoughtfully equipped with air conditioning for your comfort, a private bathroom for your convenience, a mini-fridge, and facilities for coffee and tea to enrich your moments of reflection. Direct Wi-Fi access is available.

Investment Into Yourself ~ $3,672*


* Please note, the layout and interior arrangement of the casitas may vary, though all include the same amenities.



Glamping tents

Our cozy glamping tents provide a safe and immersive natural experience. These high-end safari-style tents feature 180 square feet of space, teak hardwood floors, ergonomic beds, lighting and fans. Bathrooms are shared and conveniently located outside, covered by a bamboo and palm roof for comfort. A fully equipped communal kitchen is also available.

Investment Into Yourself ~ $2,652*

* Please note, the layout and interior arrangement of the tents may vary, though all include the same amenities.




Let's review all the benefits included in your Rebirth experience!

• 7 days & 7 nights of  healing, connection, creation and gathering

• Beautiful accommodations in a tropical paradise (as described above)

• 3 delicious and nutritious farm-to-table meals every day

• A full  REBIRTH  experience featuring workshops on intention-setting, overcoming self sabotage, re-birthing into your soul's purpose and unlocking your wealth blueprint, among others

• Daily activities including animal flow, dance, and soul-igniting ceremonies, among others

• 2 enriching body treatments in the spa and 1 excursion in the beautiful beaches and jungles of Costa Rica (check the options below)

Shuttle transportation for both arrival and departure (Liberia airport <> Tierra Encantada)

Choose your 2 Full-Body Spa Treatments and 1 Excursion

Body Treatments in the Spa

• Acupuncture + Sound Table + Tuning Forks

• Facial Acupuncture + Microneedling + Organic Stem Cell Serum

• Full Body Massage (Upon request within 24hr notice)

• 3 Steam sauna

• Fascia Stretch

And many more...

(Please connect with us for the full Spa Treatments list)


• Kayak Through the Mangroves

• Horseback Riding Tour through the beach to see the sunset

• 2-Hour Traditional Costa Rican Cooking Class

NOT INCLUDED: Travel to Costa Rica | Personal expenses | Private sessions | Tips and gratuities | Alcoholic beverages


 Do you have any questions? We would LOVE to hear from you!

Please connect with us at

[email protected]