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Part 1: Getting Your Financial House in Order

Your wealth & freedom starts with understanding where you are today!!!

Do you know how to use your assets to generate income for you?? Do you have a debt repayment strategy?


 Part 1: Getting Your Financial House in Order 

Personal financial management begins with understanding your current financial snapshot, budgeting, saving, and spend, taking into account various financial risks and future life events.

The goal is to create a net worth, cashflow, debt and spending budget, and review insurance and critical documents. This is the FOUNDATION of all financial planning and is REQUIRED to create your wealth & freedom strategy.

 Discover the tools for uncovering the limits in your finances that are robbing you of your freedom and abundance. We'll apply financial literacy principles to get your financial house in order so that you can skyrocket to the next level. This course is SELF DIRECTED which means you have lifetime access to learn at your pace :)

Here's what you will learn:

- Maximize your net worth through assets and liability strategies

- Cashflow is King. Cash is just the Prince. Learn how to earn income through multiple streams and reduce expenses without the hassle of a budget.

- Learn about good debt and bad debt so that you can grow your net worth. Put together a debt repayment plan to get out of that stuck energy of debt and start investing in your future.

- Protect your assets and wealth through insurance and estate planning. Learn about all the key documents you need to give you peace of mind that your well deserved wealth can be passed on to your legacy.


Quantum 11, Ltd. is a coaching and consulting service which is advisory in nature. The services are not designed, and should not be relied upon, as a substitute for your own business judgment nor are they meant to mitigate the necessity of your personal review and analysis of a particular investment.