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Wealth Expansion Journey 2023-2024


Build your wealth vision and strategy in the Quantum 11 Wealth Expansion Journey!

With the Great Reset underway we will move beyond these outdated control systems to build a wealth strategy that will harness your innate gifts for wealth creation. Everyone, from parents, employees, entrepreneurs, artists, executives and more all hold valuable and unique skills that can generate wealth!

Wealth will shift, but in your favour. The old systems built to exploit people will crumble. This gives you an opportunity to use your unique talents to build wealth for you and your family.

Together, we'll create a world where freedom, nature, and your soul's purpose will flourish. I'll guide and empower you step-by-step, using innovative techniques and life hacks to thrive in this next chapter.

The investment into yourself:


Ready to transform your vision into reality? Our journey begins September 24, 2024

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Purpose and Prosperity


Part of your freedom will come from earning income based on your soul's mission. I want you to remember your soul's purpose and monetize it. 

As the external systems reset, our internal system needs to reset as well. Let's go on a journey of remembrance, to reconnect with your soul's purpose so that you can share it with the world. You are being called. It's your time to answer. 

This monthly membership is a way for you to stay connected to yourself, your spirituality, your mission and your inner power. By leveraging tools and community to help you uncover your soul's blueprint, we will use the support of community to keep your spirit and vibrations high as you create a plan to monetize your purpose.


This membership includes:

- Guided meditations and activations

- Weekly journaling prompts

- Monthly sharing circle

- Financial action plans to fulfill your soul's mission

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Part 1: Get Your Financial House in Order!


Discover the tools for uncovering the limits in your finances that are robbing you of your freedom and abundance. We'll apply financial literacy principles to get your financial house in order so that you can skyrocket to the next level. This course is SELF DIRECTED which means you have lifetime access to learn at your pace :)

Here's what you will learn:

- Maximize your net worth through assets and liability strategies

- Cashflow is King. Cash is just the Prince. Learn how to earn income through multiple streams and reduce expenses without the hassle of a budget.

- Learn about good debt and bad debt so that you can grow your net worth. Put together a debt repayment plan to get out of that stuck energy of debt and start investing in your future.

- Protect your assets and wealth through insurance and estate planning. Learn about all the key documents you need to give you peace of mind that your well deserved wealth can be passed on to your legacy.

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Part 2: Investing Into Crypto


Crypto is here to stay. Through a simplified learning process we will learn about the what, why and how crypto is added into a portfolio. This course is SELF DIRECTED which means you have lifetime access to learn at your pace :)

Here's what you will learn:

- What is crypto? What is blockchain? How to safely get started with crypto, wallets and exchanges.

- How to buy, sell and trade crypto in a safe way that is within my risk tolerance. 

- How to keep my crypto assets safe and secure.

- How to identify top crypto assets, analyze them and incorporate them into my total portfolio in a way that is aligned with my goals and risk tolerance.

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Part 3: Cash Strategies - Beat the Recession! 


Learn new ways that you can create cash flow. With mounting pressures on our finances due to inflation, supply chain shortages, increasing interest rates and a reset in the financial systems, we will apply new strategies to beat the recession. 

Before you invest, you need cashflow. During a recession cash is the Prince, but cashflow is the KING.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn over 26 creative ideas to increase your cashflow!!!
  • Determine your current household cashflow
  • Maintaining a cash reserve
  • Identify cash alternatives to manage risk
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Do You Feel Like?

  • Your money is sitting in the bank doing nothing?
  • Your hard earned money is at risk?
  • You want to invest into cryptocurrency but don't know how to do it safely?
  • Others around you are earning the kind of income you want and you just have no idea how they're doing it?
  • You are working WAY too hard, burning yourself out and feeling like you're not getting ahead in your finances?

These courses are designed to...

  • Build and strengthen your wealth mindset through weekly meditations and journaling prompts.
  • Understand your current financial snapshot, budgeting, saving, and spend, taking into account various financial risks and future life events.
  • Beat the banks by positioning your portfolio in a way that helps you achieve protection and growth during this recession.
  • Understand various asset classes like crypto, stocks, real estate and more to strategically plan your investment portfolio.
  • Educate yourself on the up and coming crypto asset class. Learn what is crypto, why you need it, pick an exchange, pick a wallet, buy crypto and safeguard the assets.
  • Have strategies and tactics that empower you to manage your own finances outside of the centralized systems that produce returns higher than the bank.

Bundle and save while becoming your own wealth manager!


This wealth building bundle is your one stop shop that includes:

1. Purpose and Prosperity: Weekly meditations and journal prompts to start building your wealth mindset.

2. Financial Mindset for Beginners: Learn the 7 costly financial mistakes, take your financial inventory and introduce yourself to investment strategies, cryptocurrency and precious metals.

3. Get Your Financial House in Order: Set yourself up by understanding your net worth, debt position, cash flow and key financial documents you need for legacy planning. You want to be able to hand off your hard earned wealth to your loved ones, and not the bankers!!!

4. Investing in Cryptocurrency: This new asset class is here to stay whether you like it or not. You will need to educate yourself on what it is, how to acquire it and how to manage it as part of your wealth portfolio. You don't want any surprises as we shift into the next chapter of digital finance.

5. Increase Cashflow: As inflation and interest continue to rise, we are feeling the pinch of this recession. You will need a steady source of cash flow in order to weather this storm. Learn about cash flow and the various ways in which you can earn it.

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